I love me a good detective book and this is the latest offering by Crime novel writer Karin Brynard who hails from South Africa.

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September 2014

 From the publishers:
'Inspector Albertus Beeslaar has left the ruthless city, only to have his hopes of finding peace and quiet in the Kalahari shattered by the brutal murder of artist Freddie Swarts and her adopted daughter.
But Freddie’s journalist sister Sara is not convinced that this was a typical farm attack.

Amid a spate of stock thefts, Beeslaar must solve this high-profile crime, all the while training his two rookie partners, Ghaap and Pyl.

After more murders, the disturbing puzzle grows increasingly sinister, as age-old secrets and hostilities surface, spurring the local inhabitants to violent action. No one is above suspicion, not least the mysterious Bushman farm manager and falconer, Dam.

A rather unique story of a small South African town featuring a cop with a sketchy past , brutal murders , a town full of whispers and larger than life characters ,a big town Diva and an estranged sister. The characters alone in this novel are a lot to chew on , with no two people hailing from a similar background and each with their own unique 'drama' within the plot of the storyline itself.

Inspector Beeslaar proved to be a challenge with his blatant disregard for a past steeped in discrimination, his co-workers however seemed determined to drag it to present day in the storyline.

The murder of Freddie left everyone both a suspect and a victim with much of the investigations in the plot leaving you dizzy and confused . The character of Dam seemed to portray a hero doomed for prosecution and then suddenly a penny drops and it all falls into place.
If I have to be honest I would say I struggled to get into this book at first , I also had to lay my 'South African-ism' and our past to one side in order to see the characters for who they were.

Once I had over come these issues I found myself drawn into the novel , I found myself wanting to save Dam and at times slap one or two of the constables and farmers in the story.

It is a heartfelt and rather disturbing touch on reality , our past as a nation and a fabulous read for those who enjoy a good old detective story.

I was very proud of myself when I finally twigged who the culprit was before the book even reached the climax ... just call me Sherlock! Tee Hee.

This is a great read by another great South African author.

Available at leading book stores and also www.penguin.co.za

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