As you all know I am an and fan of RAIN products , RAIN is a South African brand that embraces the concept of natural ingredients , sourced locally whilst practicing Fair Trade and uplifting the local community by providing training and jobs.
If that wasn't impressive enough RAIN also contains 'no nasties' and they are 'bunny friendly' too, for me they are the ultimate guilt free spoil and make the best gifts ever!

Today I want to share one of their newer products from the BEE ESSENTIAL REMEDIES RANGE which contains a variety of bee 'by products'  such as beeswax , royal jelly ,propolis and honeyquat by using these unique  ingredients  also helps the bee farmers with both work and income.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
I love the retro vintage feel to the labels and the use of natural papers and I bleached twine, it gives both an earthy but luxurious look and feel to the products.
In this instant the BEE BUTTER comes in a lovely glass jar which preserves  the precious ingredients contained within.

Fragrance -
Is a soft , buttery and plant smelling cream with no distinct fragrance to compare it too. I enjoy it especially as it does not interfere with my fragrance.

Texture -
This is a super thick and ultra buttery body butter , it applies smoothly and gives a matte finish to the skin. The body butter itself disappears into my skin with a matter o f minutes leaving only a soft supple veil on my skin afterwards.
Love it!

Efficacy -
I found this body butter to be super effective , I could still feel the hydration on my skin at 8pm in the evening , my skin never felt greasy or heavy but rather smooth , soft and comfortable at all times.

This is a definite winner and a must have on my shopping list again.

For more info:
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