Yes ladies I am talking about CANCER!

It is truly shocking when you read the statistics on Cancer, it is mind blowing the rate at which it's prevalence is increasing by the minute, never mind the day.

What is amazing is that most of us (and I include myself ) seem to take the ostrich approach to having ourselves tested ... yes, hiding our head in the sand whilst humming 'tra la la la' and waiting for the ugly 'C' word to pass us on by!

Ladies it is a very real and ugly reality that Cancer strikes when you least expect and truly hurts those it leaves behind (Read this story of a friend on her blog

Some of the #bwb ladies decided to try and help bring about awareness and support the #SmearForSmear Campaign you can read all about it hear on the UK Charity Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust and endorsed by celebrities such as Georgia May Jagger on Twitter.
Here is my attempt and yes I am a 'no selfie' person ...
Yesterday was World Cancer Day and I really want to emphasise how close this is to home for me.

In my close friend and family circle alone cancer has :
- Taken 4 mothers
- Resulted in Breast removals in 4 women
and in the mature members of our family more than 5 siblings died of Cancer related deaths at ages 75-85years, as opposed to the normal natural causes.

Don't leave it!

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General Info for Women

Have a super day and please go and have your #papsmear.

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