Every now and then a great lip product is launched , one that truly blows your mind and thrills your lips ... and yes this, is one of them BUT!
AVON and REVLON have also launched a fabulous range of lip colours too (watch this space for the review)

So today I am going to share the REVLON ULTRA HD LIP LACQUER in all it's awesomeness and you'll just have to wait for the others ...
So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
This packaging makes the product look high end and ultra 'LUXE' in it's clear acrylic tube with, a silver/chrome applicator lid ... topped by a transparent 'gem'.
The applicator is a brush applicator and has a medium width brush making it easy to use with minimal mess.
The packaging is so pretty and shows off the lip shades so well.
Fragrance - 
I got to test and try 3 of the colours and they all have the same delicious toffee/vanilla-ish smell.

Texture - 
It is a smooth and rich textured gloss , with minimal stickness and no 'gloop' , it smoothes over the lips in a soft even layer and has quite an impressive staying power despite my constant sipping on a cup of tea.
It does leave colour traces behind on your cup, however it bears mentioning that this is a gloss and not a longlasting lipstick

Efficacy -
I am in love from the sheerest shade to the medium Coral I have found that all the colours sent to me compliment my skin tone , have durabilty , are easy to store in my handbag/make-up bag.
I adore the nude shades for weekend wear when you don't necessarily feel like statement make up ... they are soft , flattering and super feminine.

The colour deposit on the lips is great and true to colour ...
The REVLON ULTRA HD LIP LACQUER comes in 15 beautiful shades.

I got to test the following colours ...
#540 HD Petalite- a soft and girly 'ballet' pink
#570 HD Smokey Topaz - a natural nude shade to suit all skin colours
#535 HD Strawberry Topaz - for some reason this showa as red in my pics but in real life it is actually the loveliest coral colour which is suitable for both winter and summer (an all year lippie)
So there you have it and you can clearly see why I fell in love with these. Don't forget to watch out for my upcoming review on lipsticks.

Retails for ZAR 145.00

For more info: 
REVLON is available in most leading Retailers and pharmacies.
Available from March 2015

Disclosure Ranking 2- (Please refer to my disclosure ranking in the 'About Me' section)