I am one of those rather sad people who hide from the sun , if I didn't know myself better I would swear I had a phobia or something ... the result is lily white skin that sometimes requires an added glow and maybe even a little bronzing to just look healthy.

Enter bronzing powders , beads and self tans ... now it is important to mention that not all bronzers are created equal and that it does indeed take trial and error when it comes to different skin tones , types and even skin acidity.

This summer my 'go to' product of choice has been the ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
Is the usual sophisticated and practical black compact with a transparent lid so that you can see the lovely product nestled within.

I love the pretty bars of colour deepening in intensity and the one bar which acts as a highlighter , such a great buy for in the handbag as it can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks.

Fragrance - 
Nothing to speak of really.

Texture - 
The colour is intense so do use it conservatively, it applies in a superfine veil and looks fresh and natural ... however fair skins ...layer the product in order to achieve the colour you require or else you will land up with a blotchy uneven application.

I am loving this product and fluctuate between using it for an all over glow and using it as a blush palette ... it fills both rolls equally well.

Efficacy - 
It is super effective with minimum fall out and because of the intense colour a little goes a very long way , my guestimate would be that one of these palettes should last you an entire summer. Dids I mention it is also great to touch up and hide tan lines!

Go on spoil yourself!

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