I luuurve me a good lippie and this is yet another find that is both easy to carry and great on the lips. It does of course help that it is the perfect mix of my two favourite colours namely Coral and Nude, on the lips it looks like peach flavoured candy.

Now I would love to take the credit for this find however it was a Valentine's Day gift from CATRICE COSMETICS and what a treat it is.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The packaging is super cute with the tube being the same colour as the gloss itself . The tube is what I call a 'squishy' tube and I love these kind of tubes as you can squish every last drop from them.

The applicator is a white felt tipped applicator which is soft and spread the gloss in a smooth and even layer , leaving the lips looking like peach candy.

Perfume - 
It has a candy scent but nothing that I would give a name too and on the lips it has the slightest sweetness to it ,  but not any particular flavour at all.

Texture - 
The texture is smooth , slightly tacky , very creamy and lasts surprisingly well.

Efficacy -
This colour on me is a fabulous nude and ever so slightly peach colour , it has no shiny bits or glitter, but is rather just a smooth creamy gloss that gives a fabulous natural sheen to the lips.
For me this is the ideal gloss for grabbing on the run , storing in your gym bag and even for young teenage  girls entering the world of beauty.

I am loving this little tube of gloss and it currently resides in my handbag full time , why not give it a try? After all it's Catrice, it's not as though costs 'an arm and a leg'.
I know you'll also fall in love.

For more info:
CATRICE SA - Facebook
CATRICE SA - Twitter

Lots of lippie love and have a super weekend.

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