Have you ever wondered if one day it might just be possible to melt fat , you know sculpt your body and shape those wobbly bits?
I must say I sure have!
Having been overweight most of my life the struggle has always been to hide my spare tyres and double chin every time someone even breathes the word 'camera'.

When I was approached to have this treatment I was somewhat sceptical as to the magic powers held within this little machine the EXILIS ELITE by BTL , now? I am a true believer!

I decided not have my body sculpted and toned as I am in the process of losing weight and it will be a journey as I have many kilo's to shed ( I am 1/8th of the way there however). I decided to rather to have a sculpting session done on my double chin and to have some firming done along my jawline.

What you need to know is how this machine works ,  now I could go into all the technical terms and bore the socks off you however I am going to make it short and sweet for you:

This process works by heating up the subcutaneous or deep tissue where the fats cells can be found , this heating effect actually 'melts' and reduces the size of the fat cells allowing the body to eliminate and remove that which has been broken down.

This process is however CONTROLLED HEATING and COMMUNICATION between therapist and client is of utmost importance at all times.

** This is not the most comfortable or relaxing treatment at all , is it unbearable NO!
Is it effective YES!
I cannot begin to express the difference I have seen on my jawline after just one session it is truly amazing and I would love to see what it would look like after four sessions.

This process still involves heat but at a lesser temperature, it therefore works more on the upper layers of the skin which stimulates the collagen production and regeneration of skin tissue. This has a resultant effect of automatically lifting, firming and tightening the skin.

This process makes use of Radio Frequency energy or RF energy which is safe and can be used on all skin types effectively.

** Again I would like to emphasize that this is a tissue treatment and not a massage so there will be a definite sensation within the skin that may be uncomfortable at times.

How often should you go?
Skin,Body and Health Renewal are currently recommending  one treatment every two to three weeks with a minimum of four treatments, and then they’re waiting approximately three months and, if need be, they do a follow-up treatment of a further 2 to 4 treatments. Maintenance treatments can be done every 6 months. 

Benefits - 
- Fat Reduction and sculpting
- Stimulates Collagen Production and tightening of the skin
- Contouring of the face and body
- No anesthesia or pain meds
- No down time
- Proven results
- Clinically tested

I know that if it were in my means I would be there for all four treatments , especially as I inherited the inevitable 'jowls'. If you are looking to fix specific areas with fatty deposits or need isolated firming and tightening do yourself a favour try the BTL EXILIS ELITE.

Treatments are available at SKIN, BODY AND HEALTH RENEWAL CENTRES
For more info : www.bodyrenewal.co.za

So you see melting fat can get you your heart's desire and a skinny and firm jawline too *tee  hee*

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