I have a girly side that comes out with great squeels of glee, especially when I see cute and pretty little niknaks , make up and stationary ... it's like the little girl within me just cannot be contained.

Surprisngly it is nothing new, and if I remember correctly it spans as far back as my days at primary school when I had an extensive collection of  pretty erasers, writing papers and stickers ... ooooh ... remember those old scratch and sniff numbers! ( I always loved the buttered popcorn smell *giggles*)

Anyhoo back on the subject at hand, at Christmas time The Bath and Body Shop released the cutest Geisha Doll Lip and Cheek stain which I 'coooed' over for days! Imagine my squeeeee of happiness when my Secret Santa spoilt me with one of my own ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
Is the cutest little bottle with applicator that looks like a Geisha  Doll , it looks equally cute on both the shelf of your bathroom or on a make up stand.

The felt tip applicator is just the perfect width , being neither too wide nor too narrow.

Fragrance - 
It has the smell of cherries and sweeties.

Texture - 
This product has a gel-liquid texture which is transparent and tinted at the same time. The colour of the stain is a cherry red and on application you do need to take care to apply it evenly on the lips.

It takes a few minutes for the stain to deepen and actually stain the lips. This product definitely has a cumulative effect on the lips and the more you apply the longer lasting and deeper the stain seems to get.

Efficacy -
I found it to be effective, I would not however compare it to the staying power and efficacy of products such as Benetint ... this version is far softer but offers a great natural looking alternative for both lips and cheeks, at a cute and affordable price too.

Retails at ZAR 130.00

Whilst us die hard 'stain addicts' still dream of being able to buy 'Benetint' of the shelf in all the cute shades, with it's ultra durability and staining powers ... 'heaves a sigh of disappointment as the wait continues'.

I will say however that this is a super cute product, that works relatively well giving about 2 - 3 hours staining power and does have it's place both in my heart and on my make up stand ... thank you 'Secret Santa'!

Disclosure Ranking 1- (Please refer to my disclosure ranking in the 'About Me' section)