Let me share a little secret with you ... I worked for Clarins many moons ago and I got to meet one of my bestest friends there , it is now some 22 years down the line and we are still 'besties' and Clarins still holds many happy memories , familiar smells (aaahh the Gentian cleanser) and a few saving graces of past and present (Beauty Flash Balm , S.O.S Beauty Oil and Orchidee Bleue Face Oil).

It never ceases to fascinate me how the brain categorises, stores memories and smells together ... to be stimulated by the smallest thought ... Just typing this article I can almost smell the rich chocolatey (well I think so) aroma of the Orchidee Bleue Face Oil ...ahhhhmazing!

I recently dropped by Stuttafords to pick up a few samples of the new and revised DOUBLE SERUM, I have obviously tried, tested and worked with the previous Double Serum formulation for many years.

So I mentioned that I recieved a few samples and these are obviously not packaged the same way (nope no bottles here ...tee hee) , see below a picture of a sample ...
So what's up with the two sides you may ask? 
Interestingly enough in all cosmetics you get both water soluble and oil soluble ingredients , however in the double serum they are powerful plant extracts and essences known as 'Phyto-Actives' and the minute they come into contact with each other they start breaking down ... hence the two sides
1 x oil soluble phyto-actives
1 x water soluble phyto-actives

In the bottle there are two pumps which pump out equal amounts of product into your hand, which you then mix together , apply and press into the skin.
** ensure the pump is on a flat surface and not in your hands!

With the sample there are two arrows indicating where to tear open both sides, squeeze evenly , mix , apply and press in ...et viola!

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
This product is packaged in a hard acrylic pump bottle with two sides containing the unique phyto-actives. It is easy to use and allocates equal amounts of product when pumped in a standing position on a flat even surface.
I love how this packaging is beautiful , functional and still shows the rich ingredients contained within, meaning there is never any doubt as to when you need to repurchase.

Fragrance - 
Clarins pride themselves on no fragrances and all botanicals, once again you can smell the plant actives in this product but it is by no means perfumed and I honestly couldn't single out one particular aroma ... just glorious plants!

Texture - 
It is super soft , fine and silky when mixed together. As you apply the product there is a slight tacky feeling for a few seconds, before it warms on the skin and quickly disappears without a trace leaving a soft texture on the skin.

Efficacy -
I love how my skin has always reacted quickly to Clarins's products, almost breathing a 'sigh of happiness' and once again this product is no exception.

Do I prefer it to the old formula? Well the jury is still out on that one ... however standing on it's own as a serum and anti-ageing enhancer it is lovely and I would purchase it in a flash were it within my budget.

You might like to know what the phyto-actives are :

- Katafray extract and Hyaluronic Acid complex help to restore the skin's water reserves for comfort and softness.
- Kiwi extract boosts the skin's nutrition for suppleness.
- Pistachio extract help to reinforce skin's barrier function for protection.
- Extract of Maritime Pine and Organic Musk Rose oil help oxygenate the skin for increased radiance.
- Extract of Organic Green Banana, Lemon Thyme and Bocoa help visibly reduce wrinkles and increase firmness.
So there you have it a great product , one I would recommend. I do however still have fond memories of the previous more 'golden' looking generation.
Retails for ZAR 725.00

Clarins is now available these days in salons , spas , some of the larger retail stores such as Stuttafords , Edgars or online www.clarins.co.za

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