I cannot tell you what a difference to life a simple little vitamin or supplement can make. I am an avid supporter of supplementing your life according to your lifestyle in order to help your body maintain good health.

For instance I am up every day at 5am , at work at 6.15 am and then I leave the office at around 6pm ...sjoe!
I'm exhausted just typing that BUT then I still go on to attend launches , church orientated activities , socialise and blog ... and then 'plop'! I fall into bed ... well,  first I have to love up the 3 kitty 'noo-noo's or my 'love bugs' as they are known ... it's exhausting!

With all the above in mind, you can see how vital it is for me to take vitamins and supplements but not just any supplements. I tend to look for those that are yeast free , sugar free , lactose free , wheat free , gluten free and vegetarian ... which led me to a favourite International brand called Viridian, today I want to share my latest discovery ...

Here's the 'Lo-Down' ...

Firstly these are an absolute winner in my eyes, they are indeed free from any of the above mentioned nasties, secondly they are vegetarian friendly and thirdly they are kind to the planet with a recycling initiave in the UK as well as a Charity Donation benefit ... and in case you were wondering they are 'bunny friendly' too (no animal testing).

So Hyaluronic Acid is manufactured in the body it is one of the skins natural building blocks. For those who are slightly more mature you may know that this acid is used as a filler to plump out lines and wrinkles as we start to age.
Needless to say with me hitting the 40yr mark I decided it was a great option to try, and I am sold once again by the amazing results from this brand.
What Viridian have to say about Hyaluronic Acid:
'Hyaluronic acid is called ‘nature’s moisturiser’ for its incredible moisturising properties especially when used in skin-care products.  HA also cushions nerves and ends of bones and forms a barrier against the spread of disease. '

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid
- anti-ageing
- highly moisturising
- absorbs up to 10 times moisture
- plumps up fine lines & wrinkles
- gives the skin a lovely smooth texture

This product truly delivers the answer to softer smoother and more plumped up skin, honestly I don't want to be without it ever again it is fabulous.

Retails for ZAR 490.00

For more info :
Viridian Supplements - www.viridiansa.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ethicalhealthstore
Find these supplements at selected health stores and pharmacies or online.

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