I remember the days when I worked on counter in Stuttafords (many many moons ago) and how excited everyone was about the launch of CK1.
CK1 arrived and it was fresh and zingy like no other, it had clean simple lines and was very cleverly understated.It appealed to many who shy away from floral fragrances preferring just a fresh hint of something 'lemony' lingering on the skin.

Fast forward back to 2015 and welcome a lovely new fragrance from AVON called SCENT ESSENCE SPARKLY CITRUS , this fragrance transported me straight back to those days where it was clean crisp notes with soft and gentle undertones and a hint of citrus.
So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
Is simple and clean with a soft round glass bottle , no cap and the clean green and white box with crisp lines. The product does come with a saftey stopper for travel due to it not having a cap.

This bottle just looks lovely on the dressing table.

Fragrance - 
Is described as 'A radiant burst of bergamot and sparkling lime blossoms energized with fresh cedar wood'.

I find that intially it is a cloud of citrus that seems to envelope the skin, after about 5 mins you can physically smell and detect how the fragrance softens on the skin, changing to what I call a 'green' or what is known as a 'cheapre' scent. 
It truly is a lovely summer fragrance and an awesome addition if you like to spritz with a soft and gentle fragrance after bathing or showering.

Efficacy -
This fragrance lasts for about 4 hours , it is a simple fragrance designed for freshness and not necessarily longevity. I love it and sure hope it becomes a permanent feature in Avon's listings.

I was gifted my bottle for Christmas by a dear friend who is like my 2nd mum , but you can still get yours.

Retails for ZAR 129.00  and can still be found in the latest brochure (contact your consultant quickly!)

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