As ladies we are required to have sleek and clean lines all around , yes no blurry or fluffy lines in sight. It is with this sole purpose of 'de-hairing' every woman on the planet that brands such as Veet , Schick and Gilette have thrived that was until Laser and IPL arrived on the scene.

IPL and Laser treatments were often unpleasant and uncomfortable, a place where an ice pack was welcomed.
Times are changing however as technology evolves and develops and the latest Laser to hit the market is a 'PAIN FREE' Laser which incorporate RADIO FREQUENCY waves or RF (which are colour blind). This new technology means that not only is the treament 'painless' and 'cool to touch' but it does not target the 'pigment' in the skin and hair in order to work and be effective ...what does this mean you may ask?

It means that this treatment can be done an ANY SKIN COLOUR (yes, including black skins) and ANY HAIR COLOUR (yes, including blonde fluffies and upper lips).

Benefits of the DIODE LASER
- active dermal monitoring , ensuring a safe and effective treatment
- faster treatment time due to the 10 pulses per second
- suitable for all skin colours
- suitable for all hair colours , including fine hairs
- a unique cooling tip which result in 'pain free' treatments
- because the heat is absorbed by the follicle, and not the skin, there is a decreased risk of burning when using Laser machines
- Laser settings can be adjusted to suit a client’s specific skin tone and hair colour
- each laser pulse takes a fraction of a second and can treat several hairs at a time
- FDA approved

So now that you know how great it is where can you get this treatment done?

At PETTICOAT PARLOUR of course ... they have one of only two such Lasers in Cape Town ...
PETTICOAT PARLOUR situated on Somerset Road in Green Point Cape Town recently launched these fabulous treatments, I was lucky enough to attend and can truly attest to the DIODE LASER being totally pain free!
PETTICOAT PARLOUR is a funky retro style salon, which provides a comprehensive range of treatments from the small day to day maintenance treats to the much desired specialist therapies.

The treatment offering include massages, body wraps, waxing, threading, lash extensions and tinting, spray and sun bed tanning, biosculpture and gelish treatments, various facial treatments and body exfoliations, using only top brands, such as Dermalogica, Guinot, Nimue and Australia’s Sun FX.

I personally love the vintage style and decor , the pedi station and the jukebox tucked neatly in the corner.

I was so impressed with this new technology that I plan to go back and have my lip area treated (blasted hormones), I am beyond excited as I never could have Laser before with my fine blonde fluff (so watch this space).
So my lovelies there is no excuse to have hairy surprises under those petticoat's of your any more ... off you go now!

For more info:
Tel: 021 434 9484

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