Well it's approaching that time of the year again and whilst I don't begrudge those who 'have love' , 'are in love' or 'think it's love' ... I certainly am aware of the 'lack of love' in my life, as are many others.

This year I have however decided to thwart the 'doomsday' cloud which hangs over my head at Valentines ... because honestly I believe that every day should be filled with love , hugs and loads of laughter.

In celebration of this I have decided to create a card or two, you know ... for those of you looking for a free printable to use on 'your special day'!

So see below, have fun and sip a spot of champagne for me gals ...

Here are two Vintagey looking cards ...

I will follow up next week with two more modern options and maybe even two feminine options.

Let me know what you think and what you would like more of?

Have a super day all.

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