Wow! It has been quite sometime since I have been able to get to one of these posts. The year seems to have started with a bang and from there it has just been ongoing chaos ...sheesh!

Will the world just slow down already!
Anyhoo enough griping let's get back to 'our happy place' ... yes, the beautiful delights and treats that this Friday brings ...

So let's unpack a little ...

ACCESSORIZE Collagen Mascara - 
This is by far not the longest lasting of mascara's bur rather a treatment mascara , why do I like it?
Simply put it is a great collagen boost for your lashes, one to help treat and nourish these precious hairs while still giving you that mascara'd look.

I got mine on sale at CLICKS.

REVLON Ultra HD Lip Lacquers - (NEW) -
These lip lacquers are the 'shizz' if you are looking for durability , true colour and a fabulous shine. These are launching in store this month and are honestly worth every penny.

I must mention they look as good as they are, with their lovely acrylic tube and gem encrusted applicator ...gorgeous and glam !

REVLON Transforming Effects Nail Enamel -  #745 Pink Glaze (Ltd Ed) - (NEW) -
I am honestly not really a 'ballerina pink' type person and yet this nail enamel is the prettiest pink I have tried in ages , it 'zhooshes' up any manicure with the loveliest of fine little pink sparkles.

I  found REVLON TRANSFORMING EFFECTS PINK GLAZE  great to use on it's own for a sheer look, or with just one coat applied over a ballet pink for the most soft and feminine nails.

AVON Far Away - Bella Sunset (NEW) -
This fragrance has the smell of summer cocktails and exotic flowers , it is sweet .. but subtle and great for a light daytime wear.
It has notes of Clementine , night blooming Jasmine and Sandalwood.

It is on special in the current brochure ar ZAR 229.00 for a 50ml EDP , A 10ml Purse Spray and Body Lotion ..fahbulous!

FAR AWAY has been part of the AVON fragrances for a while now, so the latest addition of AVON FAR AWAY 'BELLA SUNSET' I am sure will be just as popular.

AVON Ultra Colour Indulgence - SPF 15 IN HONEY FLOWER - (NEW) -
Okay I just have to say how blown away I was with the texture and wearability of this lipstick! It glides on like a dream , covers with super pigmented colour for both naturals and even red thanks to it's True Colour Technology and does not dry the lips out at all!

At just ZAR 79.90 and in 10 colours it's a steal.

So there you have it lovelies , have a super weekend. 

Please note I may be scarce for a week or two as I transition into a new job and am busy setting up a home office with all the challenges that landlines , ADSL and hosting brings.

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