“What if every employed South African spent just R35 on one bracelet each year?

“That would mean close to R1billion towards these causes annually, with this easy to do, small spend impacting on our country in a big way. It could result in a big dent in our country’s problems.”  
Relate Bracelets has raised more than R23-million for charities and social upliftment from selling 1.5million bracelets in just four years, with R8million of that being raised in just the last year. These small accessories - that have done so much good in such a short time - will be on show at the Design Indaba again this year, after a successful stand at last year’s expo.  

The Relate model is unique in that is 100% not for profit, changing the way NPOs work to create a sustainable product that gives back in many ways. And with many beautifully designed, hand-crafted bracelets, the model fits in perfectly with events such as the Design Indaba
Visitors to the Design Indaba this year will be able to buy some of these bracelets and wear the change they want to see in the world. RelateBracelets will be showcasing their causal bracelets at the Design Indaba Expo 2015 – taking place from 27 February to 1 March at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), with an exclusive buyers’ day taking place on 26 February.

Each cause has its own bracelet and you can choose what to buy according to your colour preferences or according to the cause closest to your heart. They will have a wide variety of causes to choose from at the cost of R35 per bracelet.

You can show your support of charities like Ikamva Labantu, the Amy Biehl Foundation, the Shine Centre, Endangered Wildlife Trust, United Nations Free & Equal campaign, and many others, knowing that not only are you supporting them, but that you are also supporting Relate’s manifesto to create opportunities for the beaders and packers who make them.

Relate Bracelets are also available online, or at retailers including Woolworths, Clicks, Indaba, Out Of Africa, Sorbet, Poetry, Old Khaki, CNA and YDE. 

Founder of Relate Bracelets Lauren Gillis says that 'Relate Bracelets are the thread that connects us all, and are a true example of the impact that design can make in changing the world as we know it.'

Visit Relate Bracelets at the Design Indaba Expo and join the movement for change.
For more information: 
on the Design Indaba 2015
or to purchase tickets go to www.designindaba.co.za 

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