I just love Dirty Works and whilst on holiday over the festive season I spoilt myself with a few of their products from Clicks.

The price range of Dirty Works products is always super affordable and quite honestly, I have not been disappointed by one of their products as yet.

The latest of my acquisitions being a moisture mask , want to hear more ...

Well here goes then ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packing -
Is a fun blue yellow and pink branded tube with flip top cap, it is a generous 100ml tube and is super practical to use even when your hands are slippery with product.

Fragrance -
Now this to me was a little disappointing, there is 'nary a trace' of actual 'rose oil' in the product , it is purely named after the Parfum which is a rose smell ( and rather artificial at that).
Not a favourite in this department.

Texture -
Is lovely , it is a thick white and buttery cream which smoothes over the skn easily and is readily absorbed. I applied the mask and left it on overnight which my skin absolutely adored. The following morning my skin looked healthy , happy ... It had a glow and I could almost hear an audible 'sigh' of pure contentment.

Efficacy -
I found it to be super effective , my skin did have a glow and it looked plumped up and moisturised. The Rose & Glow is another definite winner in my books ... If we can just work on the fragrance now *wink*

As a girl who is not a cosmetics snob at all , I consider this to be budget friendly , super easy to use with great results and a fabulous treat ... Go on try it for yourself.

You'll have to forgive me for forgetting the price it was around ZAR 60.00 - 75.00 and a right steal for that amount of money.

Disclosure Ranking 2 - (Please refer to my disclosure ranking in the 'Abouit Me' section)