What started out as a journey of getting ladies to support each other has turned into real life friendships , moments where we laugh , sometimes cry ... and get to eat cake of course!

Two weekends ago we had the first #bwb event of the year , it was such fun seeing all the ladies after an hiatus of almost a month and a half ... it felt like forever!

Our first mission for the year was to stimulate the creative juices by attending a lovely Ceramic Painting morning at Colour Me Crazy in Sunningdale Cape Town.

Colour Me Crazy are a casual and laid back creative space where Naidene generously looked after the ladies and owner Hannelie came through the door bearing cake (which I now know, is the most delicious  Caramel Cake I have ever tasted).
First up I had pre-selected the BISQUE WARE for the ladies and placed it on the table. Bisque is the raw clay ware which is fragile and needs to really be handled with care ... one crack and it will break when it is being fired in the kiln.
 There is quite a wide selection of bisque ware to choose from at Colour Me Crazy , from the smallest little milk jug to lovely salad bowls and platters ... I even loved these 'skull' holders for a few friends.
 Alice and Chicara these were made for you  ...

Next up was selecting my 3 colours of the ceramic paint which looks like chalk paint (as it is clay based). The fun part? ... you never really know 100% what your finished design will look like ...it's always a surprise!
 This was my bowl that I chose above. Ready to be inspired I collected my tools (each of the ladies recieved a fine brush to keep as a creative reminder) and off I set.
 I chose White for the background , Seagreen for the inside of the design and Coffee as an outliner ...ooooh I hope it looks as good as I pictured in my mind!
and tah dah! Here is my design above , it is not yet fired in the kiln .First it gets immmersed in a 'glaze' which is a glass based coating.
The glaze not only strengthens and seals the ceramic, it also brings out the true colour of the paints .... watch this space for the final product.
Food glorious food , yes ladies this is the most delicious Caramel Cake and it lasted all of 10 minutes (give or take) ... he he he.
Colour Me Crazy serve all manners of coffee and tea and usually have 'to die for cake available'
 The ladies hard at work ...
 Elzanne from, Klets en Kook and her masterpiece ...
 Nicola from Wots for Lunch who did the mosts amazing 'zen ' inspired design ...
Cindy from (3 Kids , 2 Dogs and 1 Old House) cracked me up with the amount of concentration ..she didn't even realise I took photo's *snorts* , whilst Rushda of RuBe's Closet was pretty oblivious too ... snaeky sneaky me!

The morning was glorious fun with most of the ladies leaving in a rush when they realised how late it was , yes creative projects are very relaxing and de-stressing.

All  together cake , coffee , ceramic , paints and glazing cost us ZAR 160/ pp but we did paint functional items for use in our homes which can be a little more costly than the smaller items.

Every day , week , month spent with these lovely ladies is what keeps me smiling and having faith in the joy that we can all get along and we can be great friends no matter what age , colour , blog type  etc.etc.

Have a super week and watch this space for my update when I collect my finished bowl.

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