I think as a beauty therapist one of the most frustrating and infuriating comments I ever got when asking clients during skin analysis what they use on their skin? Do you even know how often the answer was 'aqueous cream' ...followed by 'it's very good for you , you know! '

No it is not!
It contains mineral oil derived from Petroleum ... it is not good for you, and all it does is seal in moisture ... it is not a moisturiser!

and breathe Heather ....

BUT NOW ....
Thanks to the team of ladies at Oh-Lief we finally have a 'natural' 'non-petrochemical , mineral oil' based AQUEOUS CREAM!

I am so happy I could sing .... 

Yes, for those ladies who love Aqueous Cream, this is the AQUEOUS CREAM you can use with my blessing (not that you ever asked ...tee hee).

Oh-lief Natural Aqueous Cream is the first and original organic aqueous cream in South Africa and contains absolutely no petrochemicals, paraffin or mineral oils. It contains certified organic ingredients only, such as beeswax, natural clay, and vegetable and fruit oils, and is ideal for soothing dry, cracked skin and even eczema.

It can be used as a lotion for the whole family, and can even be used as a rinse-off wash or lotion on newborn babies.This double-duty beauty can also be used as a cleanser (cold cream type) to remove makeup, and as a soothing treat for men who suffer from shaving rash.

For more information:
Oh-lief Natural Aqueous Cream and Oh-lief’s range of natural products 
visit www.ohlief.com

You can thank me later :)

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