I have an absolute passion for local South African Spa Brands ,which is more than likely due to it being where my roots lie ... and have been for more than 20 years.
Whilst I once delved into the world of product and treatment developement, I now sit behind a desk most days ...but nothing and I mean NOTHING will keep me away from my candles , oils and 'smelly things' as my family call it.
I was exceptionally lucky to be spoilt for Valentines Day with a very speacial Heart Energy (Chakra) Candle & Devotion Oil (this will be reviewed seperately) from Africology ... and I just had to rush over and tell you about it so that you can plan your 'Uber Romantic' evening for Valentines Day and get online to buy one quickly!

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
Is a deep Emerald Green ( the colour of the heart energy centre) and black box , contained within is a fragrant creamy coloured shea butter candle. The soft aromatic wax is cuddled in a matte black glass holder with a simple but elegant 'Africology' printed in gold on the black container.

It's beautiful, elegant and it would look gorgeous in any home , room and/or bathroom.

Fragrance - 
This is a heavenly blend of essential oils. The oils are calming , soothing and relaxing to both body and mind. This candle is a treat to keep on hand at home for any time of the year.
The Heart Candle is also the ideal gift for Valentine's day to soothe a weary body, it's great to use as a couple for massage and encourages a closer heart bond and intimacy between partners.

Texture - 
These candles do not contain Soya and thus are superfine in texture (surprisingly not waxy at all!) and disappear into the skin. For massage, the Shea Butter which is not overly 'oily' proves to be a perfect massage medium, giving just the right amount of 'slip' on the skin.

Here is what Africology had to say about the'Chakra Candles' ...
' Skilfully blended essential oils are created for each candle, which relates to that Chakra. Safe for massage, each candle shares a luxurious base of Shea butter, to deeply hydrate the skin.

It is our intention for an olfactory and physical experience that brings a sense of calm ...'

* Free from soya as individuals with thyroid and other health problems should not be massaged with soya.
Retails for ZAR 360.00

 For more info:
Africology's website & online store : www.africologyspa.com

Chakra Candle HEART
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