Everytime I see the name on this bottle it reminds me of Olivia Newton John singing 'hopelessly devoted to you ...' in the movie GREASE .. corny I know, but still an 'Oldie' and 'Goodie'.

As you can see my head seems to be stuck in a jukebox these days , but fear not I am still completely sane... I promise *tee hee* ...urhm I think.

No seriously though ...

As a massage therapist I often get requests to have ' Couple Massage Lessons' and no nothing weird (oh,stop it!) ... honestly just teaching a couple 'how to' massage , the techniques , the correct pressure and oil blending (this is where it gets tricky). It is based on this history that I want to share a fabulous find with you today, but also I wish to share the importance of massage and the healing power of touch.

Intimacy (no not just the bedroom kind) , I'm talking about that special bond shared by a couple ... you know:
- a small glance from across the room
- a secret smile
- the lightest touch when walking past each other
- even a little tease every now and then
these are moments that far surpass 'lust' and can last a lifetime if nurtured and maintained.

In a world of digital communications and disposable love it is easy to loose that intimacy and personal connection, if you do not take time out of your busy schedule ... switch off the electronics and get to know each other regularly.

I am sure if I asked you would remember in an instant your first kiss , your first date ... but can you remember when last you held hands? Winked at each other? Smiled across a room?

Massage is a great way of getting in touch again as a couple , on a physical level it builds trust ,and yes more than likely will lead to the bedroom... BUT not without strengthening your 'bond' as a couple first.
I recently discovered a fabulous 'LOVE POTION' otherwise known as a pre-blended massage oil, the product is called DEVOTION OIL (Huile D'Amour) from Africology ... this product contains a plethora of essential oils and indigenous african oils which are great for massage, with some rumoured to have 'aphrodisiac' type properties.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
This lovely oil comes packaged in a 50ml brown glass bottle(to preserve the essential oils , also testament to the concentration of oils). It has an airtight seal which is great in ensuringing your product is preserved and has not been tampered with. It also comes with a dropper style stopper to allow for controlled pouring and helps prevent spills.

Another benefit of dropper style stopper is that it limits the oxyegen exchange and helps prevent oxidisation of the oils , ensuring a longer shelf life.

Fragrance - 
Oh sweet and haunting Ylang Ylang! If you have ever used Ylang Ylang before, you will know it's lingering sweet aroma which gave the Seychelles it's name of 'the perfume isles'. Blended with other oils such as Plumeria and Patchouli makes this oil a sensual treat. It's a seductive escape from reality into a world of magical realaxation.

Texture - 
It comes in a carrier oil of grape seed which has a medium slip, it is superfine on the skin and does not leave you feeling overly 'oily' post massage.
Do just be aware to seal your bottle in between uses as grapeseed does oxidise quite quickly and this will result in a rancid oil longterm.

Efficacy - 
Erhm ... I can't testify to the seductive properties of this oil *snorts with laughter*. I can however tell you that it is super relaxing , leaves you feeling well rested and floating on soft white fluffy clouds ...heavenly!
(Do drop me a line if you've experienced the joy of using this for couple's massage , I'd love to hear ... and keep it clean please)

If you would like the ultimate spoil why not book in for a 'DEVOTION RITUAL' at SKIN RENEWAL spa's which offer this unique relaxation experience.

Book the Devotion Journey for you and your partner at R860 per person during the month of February, and you will receive a complimentary lunch and a glass of Champagne valued at R185-00.

Be transported by a 30 minute Full Body Exfoliation to rejuvenate and energise the skin, followed by a 60 minute Full Body Herbal Oil Massage and enjoy the benefits of the essential oils. Finish off this magnificent experience with a wholesome lunch and glass of Champagne at your leisure.

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For more information:
Africology Website:  www.africologyspa.com

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