To me mascara is vital ... I have almost no visible lashes when I don't slather on lashings of mascara.
Now don't get me wrong , it's not that the hairs aren't there ... because they are  ... they are just very fine , blonde and not visible!

A lack of mascara on my face usually results in questions such as " are you sick?" , "are you feeling tired" a complex called the 'paleface syndrome'.

So today I want to share three of my latest finds and why I like each of them individually, but also why I think my new favourite has to be the VOLUMATEUR MASCARA by GOSH

So let's unpack a little ...

Accessorize Collagen Mascara in Ultra Black -
Firstly I love the Retro Vintagey feel of this mascara's packaging with it's bright pink tube , the Union Jack detail and floral tattoo's it is just fun and funky.

I really do love this mascara and it gives a medium coverage to the lashes , it lasts for about 4 hours before you would need to touch it up a little and I did find that a feww little bitss tend to flake off during the course of the day.

I love to wear this mascara at home when I don't need much longwearing action and I just want a natural ..but there kinda look.

Available at Clicks stores nationwide.

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara in Blackest Black #001 -
This has been a long standing favourite and still is , I have never seen my lashes look better or grow better than they did with this mascara.

Although it aids the growth of the lashes, it doesn't necessarily give me the fullness I require , my solution? I alternate tubes of mascara and wear this option on days where my office lifestyle allows for it.

Available at leading retailers and pharamacies.

GOSH Volumateur Waterproof Mascara -
This mascara looks so innocent when you open the tube and see the applicator , my immediate response was 'nothing new ...bleh!) WRONG!!! This tube of mascara covers the lashes , defines them , gives them volume but does not clump and or add fibres to the hairs.

You get the full , bold lash look but with no clumpy , heavy clods of mascara THIS IS A WINNER in my books and MY NEW FAVOURITE!

Available at Edgars and Edgars Red Square stores.

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