Nestled deep in the heart of the overberg lies a unique and historic Farm-stall , this roadside oasis offers solace to the wary traveller and has become well know for their fabulous pies/pasties , freshly baked goods as well as preserves, nuts, snacks and wines.

It hard to miss the stark white buildings in the traditional Cape Dutch style as you travel along this cape mountain pass, the green 'fynbos' a definite contrast making this unique cluster of buildings noticeable from afar. In the valley below are the buildings making up the hotel/inn which offers both 'hotel type' accommodation, as well as self-catering accommodation.

This unique venue is also renowned as a wedding venue , conference venue and a great 'two day escape' with a fabulous 'dinner and dance' packages for weekends.
The Farmstall is virtually buzzing with activity as the cars arrive and leave with equal urgency the occupants pouring out ...stretching and then disappearing within it's white walls to explore the treasure trove of wares contained within.

I fell in love with the beautiful handmade ceramic cake stand and bunny eared lid, but there are plenty of options including the cutest 'money boxes'  of surfer cars with the surfboards on the rooftop,  painted in the South African flag.

As I explore further I came across the most aromatic customized blends of tea including the South African Rooibos infused with Vanilla or Buchu Tea ....nothing quite like an aromatic 'cuppa'.

The bakery at this roadside Houw Hoek Farmstall is well known for their pies of exceptional quality, the pastry crisp , buttery and flakey ... The smell alone is enough to induce gut wrenching hunger pangs.

The bakery offers an extensive selection catering to all tastes eg. Steak , steak and mushroom , curried steak , chicken and mushroom , sausage rolls and more at just ZAR 22.00 per individual pie. It goes without saying that I could not leave without my favourite pie in hand .....hmmmm steak and mushroom.
So you're not a pastry person , fear not there are plenty of other options such as the traditional dried meats of South Africa called Biltong ( the closest comparison: beef jerkey) and also Droe Wors ( dried sausage) believe when I say that you have got to at least try these.

The shelves are also groaning under the weight if homemade preserves in glass jars which would be perfect to accompany the freshly baked farms breads and ciabatta's on sale ( if you are lucky you might just get them whilst they are still hot and fresh out of the oven).
No matter what your tastebuds say you will be tempted with something at this lovely oasis and it is a definite must if you are traveling past.

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