There is nothing quite like the salty scent of fresh sea air , the shrill calls of a seagull and the sound of bubbling waves and laughter in the distance, to make you realize that you are on holiday ...

Today is the day that we as family have decided to visit the quaint seaside town ( once village) in Cape Town called Hermanus. Renowned for it's whale festival and unique market this once village, has now developed into what can best be described as a tourist mecca.

The roads are abuzz with traffic, the pedestrians are more than you can count and although it is only 8am in the morning Hermanus is alive and ready to cash in on the holiday season.

Our first stop for the day is to meet up with family at the 'old harbour' , Hermanus is steeped in history and tradition that goes way back and the evidence visible in the soft morning light as it glistens offthe old artillery, which makes up the monument and tribute to yesterday's war heroes.
History of old harbour here
After a hearty breakfast at the local Spur ( a South African favourite steakhouse) for just ZAR 40 we are ready to start exploring Hermanus with all it sights , sounds and characters .. My favourite of course 'the market'! Yes, I am a self confessed 'market junkie'.

The market is made up of permanent sheds painted an Oxblood colour , having been accepted as a feature in the local community the market has been built and it looks as though the stalls are leased to the vendors. Most of these vendors are of African heritage and hailing from all parts of Africa looking to sell their wares to the tourists.

I love the colorful wooden beads which are hand strung , the carved animals of the notorious big 5 ... All of which are smooth , gleaming and polished a deep , dark and rich ebony colour.

No matter which way you turn there are colorful and beautiful things to look at and bargaining is possible within reason , don't be in a hurry as there is plenty to take in and be sure to shop around as prices vary.

 Have you ever seen such a sad looking lion? ...
After much wandering we were hot and in need of resting our feet and what better than an ice cold Gelato ....hmmmm. Mind you the prices were a little steep at ZAR 28 for 1 scoop in a sugar cone but it's holidays and we threw all caution to the wind indulging in the rich and creamy vanilla goodness.
Hermanus is worth a visit no matter what time of the year , it offers great markets , food to suit all budgets and all tastebuds and there are plenty of sights or tours in which you can indulge either on your own or as part of a group.

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