The mornings are a time when I generally operate on auto pilot , from the moment my alarm goes off I look like something out of a Frankenstein movie ... All that is missing are the outstretched arms.
Mio have kindly put the spring back in my step , they have put the tingle on my skin and given me the fresh minty wake up I need ... Ahhhhh!

So let's unpack a little ...

Packaging -
This comes in the bright and cheerful turquoise, white and neon orange. The product itself comes in a great tube with a transparent flip top cap which makes it easy to use in both the bath and shower.the product is a generous 200ml in size.

Fragrance -
This is a natural , green friendly and no nasties product , what you smell are the ingredients that are contained within, ingredients such as ... Coconut derived cleansers, Spearmint, Witch Hazel, Organic Lemon Extract and Organic Grapefruit. As you can see a bouquet from nature which smells like a 'minty and happy place '
... 'Love It!'

Texture -
This is a medium viscosity , white pearlescent gel that spreads easily , has a gentle foaming action and is soft and kind to the skin.
** Just a note: this is not for the nether regions due to the high concentration of spearmint and other essential oils!

Efficacy -
This award winning product has a definite uplifting action , it is a great pick me up both physically and psychologically. After using this in the mornings and seeing how great I felt, it is easy to understand why it has won many awards.

If you are a green friendly , no nasties kinda gal then this is the perfect product for you!

What you might like to know:
- No parabens
- No Petrolatum
- No synthetic colours or fragrances
- No xenoestrogens
- No PEG's
- No pthalates & glycols

I have become positively addicted to this glorious tube of minty happiness, it sets the tone for my day!

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