Most ladies know that their skin gets exceptionally dry n winter and thus they automatically start exfoliating their skin to alleviate dry, itchy and scaly looking skin, it is however just as important to exfoliate the body in summer ... A practice I find that only those who use self tans apply in summer.

Time to turn over a new leaf or maybe just slough off the old dead skin. I was recently sent a fabulous body scrub to try which is not only pretty to look at but also offers up a great exfoliation ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
This product is a Spa and thus comes packaged in the common pristine white , silver foil and turquoise box with a silver foil tube and flip top cap. The product looks impressive and is practical to use too.

Fragrance -
This is a clean and fresh smelling product that just leaves a hint of fragrance lingering on the skin and is in no way intrusive and/or overpowering.

Texture -
This scrub is made up of what appears to be wax beads, these are spherical (round) in shape and thus offer a medium scrub as opposed to a sugar/salt scrub. The great thing about wax beads is that they do not leave micro cuts on the surface of the skin, which the more abrasive and aggressive sugar/salt scrub have a tendency to do and as a result are much kinder to the skin.

Efficacy -
It may not feel as effective as a coarse scrub, however it truly is just as effective and I have really enjoyed trying out this scrub. I found it best used on slightly damp skin and then rubbed and rinsed off in the shower. I love the shiny, glittery sparkles which make this product look like it contains sparkly Diamond dust and the soft scent it leaves behind is just heavenly.

I would highly recommend the Elim exfoliating body polish for both summer and winter, to be used a minimum of 2 x per week followed by a body cream/oil of your choice.

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