Now ladies I know what you are thinking and before it goes any further NO! It is not that kind of buzz (tee hee).

I am talking about the 'FERRARI' of electric toothbrushes that promises to give you a whiter and brighter smile in just two weeks.

You see most normal electric toothbrushes give 7 500 brushes per minute whereas the NEW PHILIPS SONICARE gives 30 000 brushes per minute ... you do the math! The amazing thing is that because of the sonic brush action of this electric toothbrush , it is able to clean at a much deeper level and can change the colour of your teeth by up to two shades whiter, in just two weeks!

I must at this point however remind you that it is of the utmost importance to use good quality products to clean your teeth , sterilise your mouth and freshen your breath.

 I have been using a fabulous brand called GUM ( manufactured by Sunstar) which is readily available at DISCHEM , I also chose to use the 'ORIGINAL WHITE' range to support the action of my Philips Sonicare Toothbrush.
** I love that the mouthwash contains NO ALCOHOL and boosts the teeth with FLUORIDE.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
It comes in a fresh white and sea green/blue colour with a hint of grey. The pack contains a charger , a stand (fits to the base or foot of the brush) , the brush mechanism and a replaceable brush head.

Unique features -
- This electric toothbrush offers 30 000 brush strokes per minute, as opposed to the norm of 7 500 brushes per minute.
- Used both morning and evening it can whiten the teeth by up to two shades, in just two weeks.

I found that the toothbrush held it's charge really well, and that I only need recharge once a month ( based on 1 person using the brush 2 x per day).

I also liked that the foot stand could hold an additional brush head, this makes it great to share with 'the hubs' or 'the boyf' and you only need one mechanism standing in the bathroom ... this is super practical.
This toobrush can be rinsed under running water , but do not submerge or hold the battery area under running water.

This Philips Sonicare is honestly 'the best thing since sliced bread' do your teeth a favour , turn up the' buzz' and watch how great your teeth look and feel!

Retails ZAR 1195.00

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