This is the first time that I have read a diet book and been unable to put it down , usually I land up wanting to purge my brain after reading 'how bad I am' , 'how I've got no one to blame but myself' etc. etc. etc ... but not this time.
Dr Liebenberg doesn't preach , reprimand or slaughter any food groups ... he rather chats to you about the choices you make ... sharing his own journey and experience along the way in a brotherly manner.

I think if I could sum up in short the biggest impact he has made on my life it would be these two phrases :
' Eat for the person you want to be , not the person you are'
' when you shop , shop like a skinny person ... look inside their baskets and you'll see why they are skinny and you are not!'

Review - The Brain Surgeon's Diet

ISBN  9780143538868

Published - January 2015

Author - Dr. W.A. Liebenberg

Genre – Non - Fiction 

My Rating: 4.5 /5

' Straightforward and easy to read, The Brain Surgeon’s Diet is a step-by-step and realistic guide for taking control of your weight without having to rely on fad diets or appetite-suppressing drugs. It empowers you with knowledge to keep you healthy by providing information on the energy values of foods and meal-planning guidelines to make your weight-loss journey uncomplicated and guilt-free.'

Dr Liebenberg set out an a personal weight loss journey fuelled by his desire to be the best person he could be. The focus was to improve quality of life , longevity and being a better dad/husband.

To me Dr Liebenberg hasn't discovered a 'secret diet'  or a new 'fat shedding fashion' or any of the likes , he has just simply said it like it is!

Eat wisely , choose well , exercise regularly and have BALANCE! But most of all eat for the size you want to be!

Key points were:
- Plan your weightloss , by calculating your calorie intake allowed per day 
- Keep track of everything you eat
- Document your journey

Do yourself a favour and purchase a copy of THE BRAIN SURGEON'S DIET , it will be life changing I guarantee and at just ZAR 120.00  it won't break the bank.


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