Ooooohweee! I was so excited to recieve this little bottle , it was a gift from a treasured friend over at Living Lightley (thanks Marty) ... she knows what a 'Bath & Body Works addict' I am ... such a blessing.

So enough of the soppy friend stuff and onto the reason I'm here  ... this is a Christmas Time 'Holiday Traditions' Limited Edition from Bath and Body Works (UAE). I am not sure whether they bring the same fragrances out every year but this little bottle is also known as 'PocketBac' and it is a waterless hand cleanser. The fragrance of this little gem is ...WINTER CANDY APPLE.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
Is super cute , with a bright and colourful red gel interspersed with blue beads which visible through the transparent plastic and has a flip top cap for ease of use on the run. The size of this PocketBac means it will fit into any handbag including your evening bag.

Fragrance -
Is that of Berries , Candyfloss and Corn syryp it's sweet and refreshing all at the same time ....yummy! It leaves you with a slight anti-bacterial smell once it has all evapourated.

Texture - 
Is a quick melting liquid gel that coats the hands leaving them smooth , soft and silky .... and yes hygienic too! I love these type of hand sterilisers and I even use it on a wad of toilet paper to sterilise the seat in public toilets (shhhhhhhh).

Efficacy -
It is super effective and a great little number to keep next to you at the desk, use it to sterilise your hands after signing for the courier, or working on multiple work station. In the handbag it is your best travelling companion.

I love love love waterless cleansers and when they feel and smell this good, you almost want to cry as you see the level in the bottle dropping. Yes, I have already started saving so that Marty can send me more later in the year ... they are fahbulous!

Sigh! ... I so wish we had a Bath and Body Works in South Africa.

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