It is sweltering hot here in Cape Town at the moment , today alone it is 31'c ... this calls for 'cold drinks' that refresh and revitalise.

When a good friend dropped in yesterday evening to catch up after the holidays it was an obvious choice to choose something cold and then an idead popped into my head ...*ping* and a new summers drink was born , I call it the 'DIRTY BISCUIT'.

Preparation time : 15minutes
Serves : 2
Difficulty : 1/10

You will need:
150ml Sally Williams Biscotti Liqueur
700ml Milk ( I use Easygest Low Fat Milk by Parmalat here in SA , it is lactose free)
3 Tablespoons Cocoa
Crushed ice and Ice Cubes

Fill your drinking tumbler 1/3 of the way with crushed ice , pour 75ml of SALLY WILLIAMS BISCOTTI LIQUEUR over the ice , top up with milk leaving space for a few ice cubes.
Add approx 3-4 ice cubes.
In a small bowl mix the cocoa with 50ml water until a rich chocolatey liquid is achieved.
Spoon the Cocoa mix over the ice cubes and watch it creep down the glass in rich chocolatey fingers...

** cooks note - 
- You can sweeten this up with a little condensed milk added to the cocoa if you like.
- You can make this more decadent by adding a splash of cream.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing drink!

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** The liqueur in this drink was sponsored
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