In the sweltering heat of summer , nothing comforts more than than smooth sweet tingle of ice-cream melting in your mouth. Here is a fabulous recipe I came up with for easy ' NO CHURN' ice-cream ...enjoy!

and the kids will love it!
Preparing & Cooking time - 1hr 30mins
Serves: 4

1 carton whipping cream
200gr Marscapone Cheese
200gr Condensed Milk
100gr crushed Oreo Cookies or any cookie of your choice
1 Tbsp Vanilla Essence

In a bowl mix beat the whipping cream until it is stiff , really stiff but not butter please. Add the condensed milk, vanilla and marscapone cheese and beat again until evenly distributed and blended in.

Pour the mixture into the desired ice cream container ( must be able to seal it) , now pour in the crushed cookies and work them through this mixture. Smooth the mixture , seal and freeze for a minimum of 1 hour.

Cooks notes -
This is a NO CHURN , NO ICE CREAM MAKER recipe and is super easy and delicious.

** you can change the flavour of the basic vanilla ice cream to anything you desire and even add marshmallows , salted caramel etc.

- This recipe is #banting and #lchf friendly

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