So I guess this post is a better late than never kinda post ...

'It was the day after Christmas and I was lounging at home when I spotted the Cranberry Jelly on the table and thought ...hmmmmm 'I feel like some yummy cheesy goodness!' with a touch of decadence. Here is what I made, it satisfied my craving and I'm sure it will fill the gap with you too.'

Preparing & Cooking time - 45mins
Serves : 4

1 Camembert (round)
Ready made Puff Pastry
1 Cranberry Jelly
1 Loaf 100% Rye ( or any preferred bread of your choice) cut into fingers and toasted.

Roll out the Puff Pastry, it needs to be fairly thin and my guess would be about 2mm. Cut a large square big enough to enclose the Camembert and fold as below ....
Place on a baking tray and bake at 180'c for approx 35mins or until golden brown and flakey.
Serve immediately with the toasted Rye Bread fingers and Cranberry Jelly.

Cooks notes -
This is not a dish that can be served cold and/or be baked prior to serving. You can however wrap the Camembert and refrigerate until your guests arrive and then bake to serve immediately.

** you can easily use this as a snack or as a main meal with salads.

As you can see this is clearly not limited to Christmas and can be served as a snack at anytime. I used an imported Camembert( Emborg) from #CheckersHyper's Cheeseworld as local cheeses were scarce after Christmas, it was a lovely cheese however my personal favourite #Fairview seems to go more 'liquidey and oozy' which is better suited.

Disclosure Ranking 2 - (Please refer to my disclosure ranking in the 'Abouit Me' section)