In the good old days those who were bold enough braced themselves and comitted to a hairstyle that was guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows , incite a few snorts of laughter and maybe even a few hushed 'I'm not sure I would go that far' type of comments.

Yes ladies I am referring to the MOHAWKS of the 80'S , the extremist hair style with the shorn off sides and the proudly displayed mane in the middle.
Nowadays it seems that the trend has made a come back , however unlike before it is less commital and far more feminine.
The Faux Hawk as it is being dubbed has not been lost on celebrities either, with many donning the reputed Faux Hawks on the redcarpet.
and these days colours is optional ...
The FAUX HAWK has even gones as far as to involve 'no cutting' at all but rather just a cleverly positioned plaiting of the hair , creating an 'up-style' that resembles a MOHAWK, but not really!
I must say personally I prefer the latest trend of a softer more feminine version of the MOHAWK , what do you think of this latest trend?

Happy hair days to you, as I head off to the salon myself this weekend.

Luckily it won't be for either a MOWHAWK or FAUX HAWK.

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