I am the first person to heave a sigh of pure bliss when I hear the name Tintswalo Atalantic , not because I can speak of experience but rather it is a dream I aspire too.

The hotel (if you can call it that) is a boutique hotel with breath taking views , picturesque suites and gourmet meals in the gorgeous Cape a stones throw away from Hout Bay.

I am super impressed to hear how they have collaborated with SAN Parks to leave a positive impression on the environments and surrounds ... here's a little more info ... 

Luxury meets environmental awareness at Tintswalo Atlantic

At Tintswalo Atlantic guests connect with an uninterrupted natural setting, where 360˚ views, marine animals and land wildlife, surround each room and the entire property. Set in the Table Mountain National Park, Tintswalo Atlantic management strive to positively work with the local park system to maintain the environment and leave little footprint behind.
Photo: View over Tintswalo Atlantic

The drive to Tintswalo Atlantic, either from Chapman’s Peak, just past the toll gate or through Hout Bay, just before the toll gate, is filled with ocean views and mountain formations that jut out from the sea. It’s a picturesque natural setting from anywhere you turn. Arriving at the lodge, guests leave their car and worries behind them. The drive down, through twists and turns down the side of the mountain to the edge of the sea, is, in itself, an opportunity to lose track of reality and settle into the natural surroundings.

The cool ocean breeze reaches the doorstep of each of the Island Style rooms at Tintswalo Atlantic, and before you know it, you are sipping a cocktail steps away from the crash of the sea onto the sun washed rocks right in front of you.

The setting, environment and organic surrounds have always been and continue to be a selling point of Tintswalo Atlantic. The symbiotic relationship with Table Mountain National Park is pivotal in the preservation of the area. Together, South African National Parks and Tintswalo Lodges not only benefit financially, but both ensure a hands on approach that protects and serves the flora and fauna of the park.

Meeting assessors from Table Mountain National Park a few times a year, allows Tintswalo Atlantic managers to have an incredible partnership with SAN Parks (South African National Parks). The relationship, quarterly meetings and checks on the property, ensure that management is running the lodge in the most environmentally friendly manner and that best environmental practices are being upheld.

The lodge has to leave a minimal impact on the surrounding area, so far as leaving no trace of the lodge if it were ever to be taken down. Each of the free standing guest rooms can be dismantled carefully, piece by piece to leave the area as it was before the hotel was built. Tintswalo owners and management were also carefully and strategically selected by SAN Parks for their understanding and dedication in reducing their impact while still providing a luxury 5 star South African experience.

The TMNP (Table Mountain National Park) assists whenever possible in matters controlling vegetation or erosion rehabilitation from the rain and Tintswalo Atlantic offers a number of environmentally aware initiatives inside the property.

All guests are encouraged to save water and use it sparingly. Towels can be reused by guests and only cleaned upon request if put onto the floor as a sign to be collected. The caretakers use water carefully when cleaning and caring for exterior of the property. Bottled water is offered in reusable glass bottles and given to guests as an everyday alternative to plastic.

Tintswalo Atlantic has also aids TMNP in the prevention of poaching of marine life. The location and proximity to the ocean and Hout Bay allows them to keep a watchful eye on the water. Bringing the importance of conservation to the kitchen, Chef Jeantelle van Staden uses locally sourced fish and produce whenever possible.

Wildlife in the area is captured on a number of high-tech infra-red cameras installed in strategic locations around the lodge. The animals are mostly nocturnal and understanding their location and habits allows researchers to keep tabs on the area. Guests who visit the property are made aware of the activity as well and are kept informed of animal sightings, marine life in the bay and how to connect with nature throughout their stay.

Together, Tintswalo Atlantic and the Table Mountain National Park continue to uphold the vital principles of preservation. Through initiatives met inside and outside of the property, visitors can continue to have a genuine experience of the impressive natural beauty off the coast of South Africa.

For all reservation enquiries:
Contact Dumi by email on res3@tintswalo.com or by telephone on +27 (0)11 300 8700
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