I may not have a Valentine this year , but I am certainly going to spread the love and purchase one of these this year , after all not only do I get to support the community but I get a lovely bracelet which is a 'to me' from me' gift

It’s the time of year when love is in the air, all around and everywhere we go. There’s no avoiding it, whether we’d like to or not. And it’s the time of year where picturesque chocolate boxes, pink and red roses and, of course, love-laden gift cards are available in abundance.

There’s one gift though you can buy that won’t only show your love to the recipient, but to a whole string of beneficiaries who will reap rewards in terms of earning opportunities and upliftment – for less than the price of the average Valentine’s greeting card.

Relate Bracelets has launched their new occasion bracelets, with the first currently available in selected CNA stores – all in the name of love, and just in time for the day of love itself Valentine’s Day.
“For over 50 years, Ikamva Labantu has created vibrant communities where people help themselves by helping each other through support programmes for seniors, orphans and vulnerable children,” says chief executive officer of Relate Bracelets Neil Robinson.

Ikamva Labantu devotes itself to the most vulnerable communities in the Western Cape, finding solutions to their problems. They provide training, education, mentoring and support. And, with the help of “agents of change” in those communities, they provide service delivery as well as indirect services to thousands, including distributing donated items and upgrading buildings.

Relate’s Love Bracelet is packaged with a space to write your own personalised love message, so you won’t need to also buy a Valentine’s card.
Ikamva Labantu spreads love’s magic and power throughout the year. What does love mean to you?

You love. You Relate.
For more information on the work of Ikamva Labantu see: www.ikamva.org.za

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