There is nothing quite like a pitch black sky filled with tinkling stars on a crystal clear summers night , oh wait there is ...

How about a 'pitch black sky filled with tinkling stars on a crystal clear summers night , whilst watching GREASE at the GALILEO CINEMA at the HILLCREST QUARRY!' ... it is truly magical!

Let me paint a picture for you ....

Our journey started with a short stroll up red sand and pebbled walkway , as we crest the little hill we are greeted with the most breathtaking view of Durbanville Hills Quarry in all it's gloryand uniqueness. A flat grassy area is spread before an expanse of water which is clearly used for water sports, a glass venue/clubhouse houses the food purveyors for the evening along with a few food trucks parked outside.
The grass area is already alive with a buzz of business and people getting their backrests , blankets and finding a spot to sit. As we make our way we place our seating and blankets in our chosen spot, and ask our neighbours to kindly watch our seats as we wander off to get some food and drink.
The food on sale varied from Hamburgers with their rich meaty aroma , Falafel , Pizza's whizzing past in their cardboard boxes. With a full service bar you may want to salute 'adieu' to the day and welcome the night with a glass of fragrant wine.

Our food of choice was a super juicy , rather saucy and utterly delicious Burger & Chips (the fries were a little to oily ..meh!) and a soft drink to wash it down.

The great thing about Galileo Cinema is that they screen old favourites on a huge inflatable screen, the obvious but least thought about fact is .... due to it being an outdoor cinema, you will have to wait for the sun to go down ... my thoughts 'whoohoo more time to chill with a glass of wine'.
As the sun sets the screen goes up and we all snuggle down with our fluffy blankets we hired , comfy on the back rests/ seats we also hired, ready to watch on a breezy Cape Town evening ...
enter  John Travolta and Oilvia Newton John ...
(PS. Did you spot Charlene of Pretty Please Charlie's fluffy curls , what a surprise when I realised we were sitting right behind her ... the world is indeed a small place!) 

I absolutely had a ball at the Galileo Cinema , the atmosphere takes a lot of beating , the people are great and feel like family sitting next to you on the couch ( weird but true ...tee hee) ...

It was over all too soon leaving us with an inky black sky ... back to the real world!
I love how the moon light shone just on this tree up on the quarry ridge.

If you only do one thing this summer take a date night and head out to one of The Galileo Cinema in the following areas:
- Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
- Hillcrest Quarry
- Cape Winelands - Knorrhoek Wine Farm
- Kirstenbosch Gardens

To see a full schedule of the screenings - click here

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