By now I am sure that you have come to realise that I have what may be called by some an 'obsession' with hand creams.
I prefer to think of it as a mindset of ... 'the more the merrier', and the fact that I have acutely dry hands in summer more than justifies both the need and desire to continually purchase these glorious little tubes of relief for my hands.

Today I want to share 3 of the best hand creams I came across in 2014 ...

So let's unpack a little ...

Sorbet Spa Escape Nourish Hand & Nail cream
This cream has a lovely fresh scent which is neither male nor female , it is a great option to keep in your handbag and at ZAR 33.00 it is super affordable. I must however mention that this handcream was #3 in line when it came to long lasting hydration and comfort.

LCN Pear & Apple Hand & Body Cream 
If you love sweet scents or foodie smells you will love this little number and yes I mean "little" , this little handcream cost a whopping ZAR 250.00 for just 50ml (sheeesh!).
After swallowing my tongue and mumsy spoiling me,  one day.I have since applied the hand cream often and really loved this product , the hydration and comfort lasts for about  2-3 hours and it is lovely rich and nourishing.
My only gripe (other than the size) is that it does leave a tacky feeling on the hands.

Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment
This is still an all time favourite hand cream ... think burnt oranges , rich butter and warm spices ... yes, that is what this smells like to me. I love that dermalogica is all natural and that there are no colourants and/or fragrances.
This hand cream is by far the longest lasting and most effective. It does however also carry the steepest price tag at ZAR 450.
In all honesty a little goes a long way which makes it a worthwhile investment.

I have already found a new budget friendly favourite for this year (which I recieved as a gift) ... the obsession continues *tee hee* ... watch this space!

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