Last week saw the ever popular VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW 2014 ...

The build up to the event was tangible with Victoria's Secret dropping hints as well as a daily theme preview from 6 day before the event, not to mention pre-show preparation images on their timeline.

The models were clearly training in the gym daily, as they prepared themselves for the event of the year ... and then the day was upon us ....

The Grand Finale was quite spectacular, but it was nothing in comparison to the beautiful , eccentric and sometimes downright rediculous outfits ...

That being said, I always find a few favourites in amongst those that could never pass for actual everyday underwear.

The themes this year were:
- Gilded Angels
- University of Pink
- Exotic Traveller
- Fairy Tale
- Dream Girl
- Angel Ball

So here are my personal favourites in no particular order ...

 Yes, that is Taylor Swift , she was one of the guest singers on the evening ...

So there you have it , gorgeous underwear , bodies to die for and a spectacular show as always.

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