As you are well aware by now I could never have enough hand creams , my hands seem determined to just continually play 'dry'.
It is for this reason alone that I am continually striving to find the 'ultimate hand cream', and I continue to do so ...

I recently went on a one night get away with my cousin who shared her favourite 'budget' friendly hancream, Nivea Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream and so I dutifully tried it out ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The Nivea hand cream comes in  a white and blue graduated plastic tube, with navy blue flip top cap. The packaging makes this hand cream super easy to use with no fumbling to try and screw on tiny lids whilst you hands are all creamy.
The product is also a fairly generous size by modern day hand cream standards.

Fragrance - 
This hand cream has the Nivea signature smell, as do all the other Nivea products. It is a soft powdery smell which softens over time and is not intrusive at all, but very signature to Nivea.

Texture - 
This hand cream is a white, medium textured cream, with a rather thick viscosity. Once applied it absorbs super fast without leaving a trace of oilyness behind.
I found it to be suitable, but nothing compared to my favourite Dermalogica hand cream.

Efficacy - 
Nivea Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream leaves your hands feeling comfortable and smooth, but not overly hydrated or nourished to be quite honest. I do love the consistency , price and the size of the product however my hands demand far more nourishment from a hand cream.

Nivea products are available at the majority of retail stores and pharmacies. 
Retails for approx ZAR 30.00

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