I have found myself over the last year and a bit, being totally re-educated on make-up. Having lapsed out of the beauty industry (well the make-up side) I really did lose perspective on just how much the industry had changed ...trust me I am no self-proclaimed make-up artist!

I have now come to know , understand many new age products. I have made a point of trying many of the new products on the market and yet there is still the odd product that I struggle to embrace, one such product is the highlighter.

Now before you shoot me , let me explain ... I have always had a shiny T-Panel and thus the idea of a shiny powder on my face no matter the effect was a rather daunting thought. On my last beauty haul from the UK, I bit the proverbial bullet and added this highlighter from Make Up Academy or MUA.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
The packaging is a simple compact with a tranparent lid and white bottom, through which you can see the compact podwder which is moulded into the prettiest shape.
It is nothing fancy but super practical.

Fragrance - 
There is just a soft and light smell which is more of a feminine powdery smell. On application the product there is no fragrance at all.

Texture - 
The texture is super fine, and the actual product colour deposit is quite visible even with a light application. You need to use highlighters with a gentle hand I have since learnt.
I love that this product has no fallout whatsoever.

Efficacy - 
I hang my head rather sheepishly as I tell you I now cannot live without a highlighter, it makes such a difference on days when you are feeling old , sluggish and your skin looks dull.
Highlighters are great at hiding dark circles and do wonders for contouring ...almost like the 'David Copperfield' of make up products ....I love it!

So I hesitated to use it and now I can't live without it ... that pretty much sums it up!

This product comes in two variants a Pink and a Gold tone and Retails for 3.00

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