Shoooooooooo is all I can say!
DECEMBER IS HERE! For most of us that means packing for a holiday and as my friend and I put it, it is not for sissies!

LISTS are made then revised and frantic last minute items that you forgot you had are hauled out and packed in with a huge sigh of relief!

Confession time: I am a repeat offender when it comes to over packing!! I get highly irritated when I don’t take a certain item and then I yearn for it when I am on holiday! So therefore I pack most of my wardrobe (eeeeeeeeeek) and you all know the rest……….. I don’t wear half of it!

So with that in mind I am turning over a new leaf and refuse to pay overweight (well my husband does) and only going to pack what I need!! Do you hear me??? *says to myself*

This is my guide to what you really need for a summer holiday!

Here goes in no particular order ...

I am totally obsessed with this stunning Kaftan from Nicci Boutique. It is so chic and can be worn over a cossie to the beach or as a dress that can go from day to night for early sundowners. It comes in a variety of colours; I would hurry if I were you as they are selling tres fast! I got mine…

So as you can see that’s already two useful ways to use one dress! Saving space already!!
Being a bit of a Sunglasses queen (as previously mentioned in past posts) I love to change my look on holiday with a different pair to suit a particular outfit. As such sunglasses have become an essential fashion item. needless to say though, they are most def required to keep out the rays of the Sun too.
I found these funky pair of sunnies on they are part of the Lundun range.
These were my personal favs but there are other stunners too at VERY affordable prices!!
These denim cuts off from the RE collection at Woolworths are to my mind an item that can be worn and washed and reworn on holiday whether to the beach or out Pair it with a tank top or even throw a blazer over if the temp drops at night. Yes, Yes I know what you are going to say….. Not all of us can wear such short shorts.

Shorts come in all different lengths… go out and find the best one that suit you and that you feel comfortable in! THEN GO ROCK THEM BABY!!
Metallics are in and I love this silver cami from WITCHERY. This is a great piece as it can be dressed up or down. Perfect to wear with a pair of jeans or smart black pants to that New Year’s Eve Bash you have already planned!!

It’s a must too, pack one or two smart tops in for those big nights out!!!
The Fedora!
I absolutely love mine!! I wear it to the beach and (also for bad hair days) It is a classic shape so really should suit most! It is super chic too!

I must admit though I do carry mine with me as to not squash it or change its shape by being packed in my now emptier case! I got my Fedora on a trip to Greece but Country Road has in different colours and styles! Worth a look ladies!
Havianas are the trendiest slip slop around and so super comfortable its hard not to have more than one pair!! Really a summer essential!!

You can purchase them online from ... I live in mine during the summer.
They are easy to wear to the beach, and funky to wear casually with a pair of jeans rolled up too! Looks extra awesome with brightly painted toes too (after that pedi )

Last but not least the item we ladies LOVE TO HATE…..

The cossies!! Yes we know its coming… all through winter we pretend not to remember that we have to eventually get into that dreaded costume again!!

Ladies its time to embrace the bodies we have! There is a cossie/swimsuit that will make you look and feel like a million dollars!! Whether u can breathe or not!!

I think the Maaji range of full pieces and bikinis are simply gorgeous and colourful. Yes I know its easy to stick to the black which hides a multitude of sins but be brave! Colour adds life and maybe just maybe will actually help give you a confidence boost!!

THEY are avaliable online from
So on that note ladies I hope you all have a most amazing Summer holiday with as little 'fuss'when packing as possible and more FUN IN THE SUN.



Much love
Monique xx