Recently I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the brand new IMAX theatre at Cape Gate ...what an experience!

On arrival we were greeted like royalty with the most divine cocktails, canape's and it was great meeting some fellow bloggers and catching up prior to the screening ...

The excitement for the event was tangible and everything was tinged with a hint of blue 

You'll remember that there was an IMAX theatre in Cape Town sometime ago , the NEW IMAX however is totally different, how?
Well these days they use 'In-Cinema Geometrics' to calculate the best sound , picture and 3D experience , ensuring that when you are sitting watching the movie it is, as life like as possible ... as if you were in the production yourself ... and honestly they have succeeded 100%.

The venue had to match very specific criteria in order to qualify as an IMAX CINEMA, hence the location being at CAPE GATE SHOPPING CENTRE in Cape Town.

The seats are comfortable with spacious arm rests and a fabulous solid 'cup holder' no half measures in this cinema.
The screen stretches the entire expanse of the front wall, whilst the speakers in the rear are so large, they look like they are perilously close to dropping of their perches against the roof and side wall (but don't worry they are secure).
I must mention that THE HOBBIT 3 - The Battle of Five Armies ,was the most amazing choice of movie with which to launch the IMAX CINEMATIC experience in Cape Town.
 Watch the trailer - CLICK HERE

The 3D glasses had us in fits of laughter , just look ...
However the movie left us breathless and kept us enthralled from the first minute to the very last. The battles were larger than life and left you ducking from swords,wanting to try and kill the notorius 'baddies' yourself.
Whilst the snowflakes floating across the screen were so 'life like', I felt tempted to try and catch a few.

All in all it was such a fabulous experience I would highly recommend you try it these holidays , however booking is essential due to the limited space, and what I am sure is going to be a 'GREAT DEMAND'

Don't miss out - BOOK NOW!

For more info on how you too can book and enjoy the #ImaxCT experience here are all the contact details:
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For queries, contact Ticketline on 0861 Movies (668 437).

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