I have recently noticed the influx of beauty Video's, it seems as though the trend these days is to create short clips or 'mini movies' on well know beauty brands ... inspiring women to escape their reality and enter an veritable wonderland ... infused with fragrance clouds , handsome hunks and either 'uber feminine' or 'all out cheeky' leading ladies.

Not sure of what I am referring to , here take a peek or two ...

So first up is the ultra feminine and oh so chic ...

Christian Dior - Jadore
Leading lady - Charlize Theron

Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle
Leading Lady - Keira Knightley

Then the naughty but nice , spiced up mini film by Chanel , which I must say tweaked my independant spirit and left me wanting more ...


Chanel - Chanel No.5
Leading LadyGisele B√ľndchen

The confusing love note story next, not to sure about this storyline but it does end well ...


Karl Largerveldt for Chanel
Leading Lady : Cara Delevingne 
Leading Man: Pharell Williams

Okay this one just made me want to hit the snooze button , I don't get it ...it's long and drawn out ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thierry Mugler - Angel
Leading Lady : Jade Jagger

I just love the ever changing graphics on this one , it kept me mesmerized and interested ...and it is one of my personal favourite fragrances.

and just for some eye candy ladies , here is  ...

Dior - Dior Homme
Leading Man - Robert Pattinson

So what do you think of the latest trends of 'mini-films' and films for cosmetics and fragrances?

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