As a Skin Care therapist I could never drum it into my clients heads enough just how important it is to exfoliate, my favourite comparison always being ...

'Picture the ground in Autum covered in leaves , now put a sprinkler on these leaves. The water first has to soak through the top layer , filter through the dense middle in order to get to the grass underneath.
It is the same with your skin ... if you apply moisturiser to skin which has not been exfoliated, it will naturally first hydrate the dead skin , filter through a little to the middle layer and if you are lucky ..maybe ..just maybe ...some might get to the healthy skin underneath are waisting time and money if you do not exfoliate!'

So let's unpack a little ...

Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub - 
This is a traditional and manual face scrub with a fresh and zesty peppermint zing too it , it is a foaming face scrub which makes it easy to rinse off.
I love this scrub as an early morning pick me up , it leaves my skin tingly and cool for at least 20 minutes and my skin is soft and smooth.
It has fine granules which seem to be silica beads and therefore there is no need to work it in or over stimulate at all, what even better is the price which comes in at
approx ZAR 60.00
Available at selected CLICKS stores

Sorbet Salon Skin Daily Polish Powder -
This is a super fine rice based exfoliator whch has botha manual (not much really , it's too fine) as well as enzymatic exfoliation on the skin. It leaves the skin super softened , evens out the skin tome and is a great alternative or 'dupe' for Dermalogica's peel as below. My only dislike with this range remains the fact that it is highly fragranced.

It is super affordable at ZAR 220.00
Available at selected CLICKS stores and at all Sorbet Salons

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant -
This again is a rice based exfoliator which in it's inception was a ground breaking product , to this day it remains as the 'best seller' of the Dermalogica brand.
What I love is that it is a micropowder but still has enough coarse-ness to be effective as a mild manual exfoliator as well as having the enzymatic action.This is still the ultimate in gentle and effective daily exfoliators.

Retails for ZAR 850.00
Available through the Dermalogica Concept Stores and Salons.

So there you have it my 3 of the Best Facial Exfoliators , I would love to hear which is your favourite.

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