I am one of those curious creatures that just happens to glance at the sun and I burn ...clearly why I am not really a fan of the sun other than after 6pm.

The problem is that I still need to get around in the heat of summer and nothing ...I mean nothing burns you more than a side window tan ... yes you know what I mean, don't you!

On the weekend I was cruising around with my mumsy and taking 92 year old grandma home when first I was scorched one one side whilst sitting in the back seat ... and then secondly from the other side sitting in the front passenger seat.I suppose at least I was well done on 'both sides', but by the time I got home I could feel the heat eminating from my skin.

Ever so thankful for my gift from Tropitone of  the COOL IT After Sun Cooling Gel , I grabbed it and covered myself in it from the waist up ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
Is a fun blue plastic bottle, of which one side has what seems to be a moulded grip, it also features a spritz top with cap. It is super convenient , however I must mention that the bottle is a little large for my hand size and therefore it was easier to grip on the opposite sid ... but hey that's a #firstworldproblem when in need of sunburn relief.

Fragrance - 
It has a fresh cool and almost 'marine' type smell (reminiscent of a watery men's aftershave) but at the same time it is soft , pleasant and soon disappears into the skin.

Texture - 
This is a gel and yes it still has a spritz top which dispenses neat little rosettes of gel onto the skin, to be spread with the palm of the hand , a little goes a long way. This product literally turns to water when you apply it and absorbs super fast so rather cover small areas at a time to avoid wasting it.

Efficacy -
It cools , calms and soothes a really angry skin , but I have also found it great for windburnt skin which has that tight parched feeling.
It truly is heaven in a bottle after a day in the sun and that is all I am saying!
Tropitone has this one wrapped for those who are sizzled and fried!Yes this will be on my shopping list ALL SUMMER!

It retails for ZAR 55.99 and is avalable at all major retail stores in SA.
For more info visit:  tropitone.co.za

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