I was recently introduced to a fabulous South Africa cosmeceutical brand which I had never experienced before , even more impressive is that Dr Gobac is widely exported to Europe.

I rather excitedly had the products all lined up and waiting as I finished reviewing current products , you see every time I test and try out products I do genuinely use them on my face and for skin care ... a minimum of two weeks before I review the brand (usually 3 weeks) this allows the skin to get used to the product and for me to adjust to a routine, to feel the products and give you honest feedback.

So let take a look at ...

So let's unpack a little ...

Dr Gobac Cleanser - Day & Night
This Dr Gobac cleanser is a creamy cleanser , I found I needed two pumps in order to cover my face and decollete area. It easily dissolves make up and oily residue on the skin. My skin feels fresh clean and surprisingly hydrated after using this product.

Dr Gobac Regenerating Serum
Okay so this little number has been a challenge , education and reprogramming of my mind ... it has the cosistency of syrup and applies as stickily as syrup ,. The magic in this product is that as it heats up it disappears into the skin and you are left with a slightly tacky feeling on the skin (not syrupy anymore).

If  I had felt this product prior to recieving it, would I have bought it? Doubtful!
Would I buy this product again now that I have used it? Definitely
It does take some re-educating and persistence due to the texture , but the results speak for itself.

Dr Gobac Starter Cream
This cream captured my attention immediately as many cosmeceutical brands when used with no skin preparation, cause a few breakouts as the skin re-adjusts itself and acclimatises to a new brand ... often resulting in frustration and people thinking it is a bad product ...no ..no.. no! It is just a lack of educating you in a change over by your therapist.

The starter cream is designed to slowly get your skin acclimatised by using a lower dosage of active ingredients and progressively getting you to the more concentrated cosmeceuticals ... fabulous ( well done Dr Gobac!)
It is a super hydrating moisturiser and I can honestly say I DID NOT HAVE 1 SINGLE BREAKOUT!

Conclusion ...
Overall I have really enjoyed using this range of products , they do not contain artificial colouring or fragrances and they come packaged in super easy to use air tight pumps and tubes. For those embarking on higher end cosmeceutical products , my advice would be start here!

Here is a little more info about Dr Gobac - 10 Facts about Dr Gobac
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Watch this space as I give you a more in-depth review on each of these in coming weeks.

For more info:
Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals - www.drgobac.co.za

Tel: 011 314 9222 or 071 600 1813

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