On one of my visits to a local salon I spotted this hand cream, after trying out the tester I fell in love with the fun summery fragrance and pretty tube and I just had to have it ...

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
The packaging is super cute white plastic tube with flip top cap and has a fun vintagey/ florally /whimsical type of print , it I super girly. I must mention that this is a rather small tube at only 50ml.

Fragrance -
Is like a summer fruit bowl meets a summer garden and yes candied apples and pears , it is sweet but not overpowering. The smell does linger for a least an hour. I did fall in love with this fragrance immediately.

Texture -
It is a rich and nourishing hand cream , it is however very tacky almost feeling like you've had some hunney or syrup on your hands . Although I love the scent I am not crazy about the tackiness at all.

Efficacy -
It is an above average hand cream, which does hydrate and nourish the hands. For me however the texture of this ruined the cream.

I have to mention that mumsy spoilt me with this hand cream, and for a 50ml tube it is a hefty ZAR 250.00. It is however an imported product from Germany.

Would I purchase this cream again?
No, the texture and tackiness really ruin this product for me.

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