Okay so I know that I am no baby , however I do love tissue oil and so when I saw that this baby lotion contained the coveted 'Justine Tissue Oil'  ... I was thinking 'baby you're mine! '

In my 'era' Justine Tissue Oil was a 'cult' product in SA, pretty much on a par with what Bio Oil is today. Although it is not heard of as much these days with the influx of beauty brands and options. It does however remain a favourite of many, so how could I possibly resist.

And let me tell you right now that this lotion is not limited to babies , it is a fabulous body lotion option for summer.

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
It comes packaged is a practical and pretty white plastic bottle, with an easy to use white pump dispenser . The Justine branding in silver grey and just a touch of yellow.

This product is super practical for mums who are trying to juggle baby and cream, it is however equally as practical for anyone who uses it as a body lotion for quick and easy 'no mess,no fuss' application.

Fragrance -
It is such a beautiful soft baby smell , if you are familiar with Justine's tissue oil you will pick up the hints of this immediately.
This fragrance softens up immediately and disappears after about 10minutes.

Texture -
It is a light lotion, one pumps covers my whole arm and a little goes a long way. Upon application it is cooling and spread easily , it then sinks right into the skin leaving a soft soothed and happy skin.

Efficacy -
It leaves the skin cool , soft and hydrated with an over all feeling of comfort and wellbeing. It works like a charm and mothers will adore the feel of it on their babies , let's face nothing smells as cute and cuddly as freshly bathed , powdered and lotioned baby.

I absolutely adore this baby lotion and I know both new and mothers of many will find it practical to use. It's great for looking after babies skin and healing little nicks and scratches (after baby has been crawling all day).

This really is a must have for the home.

for more info :
Website: www.justine.co.za

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