If I could describe my happy smell in winter this would be it. It's warm , it's spicy and it has just the right amount of richness to it from the coffee and caramel sugar.

No I'm not talking about food, I'm talking about the Hey Gorgeous Chai Latte Body Scrub Bliss a sugar scrub designed for the body but which smells edible...


So here is what I thought ...

Packaging -
The packaging is fun , quirky and vintage looking tub with colorful designer labels. What you see is what you get.

Fragrance -
Is warm , rich , spicy , cinnamony with an overtone of coffee ... It is moreish and smells divine in the shower as the sugar melts and leaves behind the smell of fresh cinnamon bun and cappuccino    ... I'm in 'foodie smell' heaven.

Texture -
Is super coarse as this is made of caramel sugar and coarse ground coffee , it works well on the body but is not suitable for the face.

Efficacy -
It works wonders on sloughing of all that nasty dead skin , perking up the circulation in the body and sealing in the moisture, thanks to it's wealth of natural oils.

I love the Hey Gorgeous body scrubs , I think this is about my third and it certainly won't be my last ( have you seen the variety?). This body scrub is great for summer to give you a smooth soft skin that will make you proud to wear your bikini.

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