This cream is hailed as anti-ageing Skin Transforming Care, it has more than 12 Patents pending for its ingredients and formulation alone … it is no wonder it is called a ‘Miracle Skin Cream’

I managed to bag this little number in my UK Haul, so currently it is not available in South Africa that I am aware of.

So here is what I thought …

Packaging –
The packaging from the box to the tube is very pretty with a lovely ‘dotty design’ and branding in various shades of pink, peach and white. The tube and flip top cap are the prettiest pale peach with a pearlescent sheen.

Fragrance –
This product is quite surprisingly fragranced, so much so that I went in search of the ingredient listing to see how high the concentration of perfume is and it is pretty high. I must however mention that it is not unpleasant in anyway and nor did my skin react to it at all.
So I guess you just got to try it for yourself if you are wary of perfumed products.

Texture –
The texture is super fine,and a medium to lightweight cream, but the biggest surprise?
It has an auto-adjusting formula which contains micro-pigments, so when you squeeze out your cream onto your fingertips it is an off white creamy colour but the minute you start applying this to the skin, the cream starts changing colour and adjusting to your skin tone.

It is fascinating and unexpected all at the same time.

Efficacy –
I absolutely love this cream , once applied my skin both looks and feels much younger , my make up lasts twice the length of time when I use this product as a primer. I have fallen so in love with this formula that both mumsy and I have it on our shopping list for the next UK Haul.

What you might like to know …
- It contains 7 active ingredients in the anti-ageing complex:
LHA, Pro-retinol, Vitamin C Derivative, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Skin-Tensor Peptides & Ginger.

- It gives instant visible results:
Improves the complexion, improves skin texture, radiant and healthier skin

- Improves skin texture , smoother , softer and more supple skin

Overall I have truly loved using this product, it really surprised me with the technology, science and innovation behind the formulation ... but moreover the biggest surprise is how great my skin feels.

Retails at approx £7.00

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