As you know by now cosmeceutical products are my 'thang' ... they are super effective , work deep in and under the skin helping to age you gracefully and repair damage from daily wear and tear.

I have recntly been introduced to new South African cosmeceutical product of which I had no knowledge before *hangs my head in shame* , what even more amazing is that my skin is loving it ...not liking it ...LOVING IT!

So here is what I thought ...

Packaging - 
This product comes packaged in a pristine white box and tube with a plastic flip top cap, the appearance is that of a clinical product with the products details being in a dark grey print and just a hint of orange.

Fragrance - 
it has a smell not unlike the carribean , mixed with suntan lotion and really reminds me of the Elemis Exotic Cream Mask from my days on the cruise ships. The smell is lovely and even though it is a very definite smell it is not intrusive in any way. I like it!

Texture - 
The texture is almost serum like and one has to be careful when using te product or else you might just spill some of this precious masque. The mask itself is a pale peach colour anbd apllies in a super thin film onto the skin leaving a gentle sheen whilst it works at removing all the dead skin cells.

Efficacy -
I found this to be a fabulous and very effective exfoliator cum masque ... great to have a two in one by the way. What I love about enzymatic peels is, they are gentle on the skin and tough on old unwanted and dead skin.
This product definitely gives your skin addaed radiance.

What you might like to know ...

It contains:
- Papain (papaya) enzyme to effectively dissolve the dead layers of skin
- Vitamin E acetate which feeds the skin, improves elasticity and is a protective antioxidant

Retails for ZAR 399.00

For more info:

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals -

Tel: 011 314 9222 or 071 600 1813 

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